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Our Core Values

Our "Core Values" represent the things that we value most both individually and as an organization.

  1. God-Centered: We believe we must operate according to Biblical principles.
  2. Accountability:We believe that personal accountability is foundational for success.
  3. Excellence: We believe that excellence is required by God and inspires and motivates others.
  4. Prayer: We believe that prayer releases the power of God and clarifies vision.
  5. Integrity: We believe that integrity is essential for establishing trust-based relationships.
  6. People: We believe that people matter most to God and should matter most to our organization.
  7. Vision: We believe that we are called to assist our clients with clarifying and fulfilling their vision.
  8. Creativity: We believe that creativity is a gift and a foundational in creating innovative solutions.
  9. Partnerships: We believe architecture is a cooperative effort and strategic partnerships are important.
  10. Teamwork: We believe that teamwork occurs best in an environment of trust and cooperation.
  11. Legacy: We believe we are created, gifted and called for a higher purpose.
  12. Significance: We believe we are to assist clients to realize their potential adding value to their lives.